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“leather works and silver Jewelry”

This is SIQIU HANDMADE DESIGN. The main business is hand-made leather goods and silverware. Today, under the impact of modern manufacturing, traditional handicrafts are gradually losing competitiveness. However, the advantages of handcrafted products are not reflected in modern industrial products. As a craftsman, I have a responsibility to inherit the traditional craftsmanship and let more people know the advantages of handicrafts. Every handicraft sold by SIQIU HANDMADE DESIGN is crafted by experienced craftsmen for several days. Ingenious design The rigorous details pursue perfection.
SIQIU HANDMADE DESIGN offers private customized services and leather products can be tailored.
The customization cycle is 2-3 weeks (depending on the style). Welcome customers and me to create your own unique leather goods.

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Sheffield, South Yorkshire