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Catnap Stories

“Beautifully illustrated stories to inspire the next generation”

Catnap Stories is a series of childrens books inspired by the adventures and mischievousness of cats, as well as the authors love of foreign languages and faraway travels.
These books have been written and developed with love and we hope to inspire children to want to learn about all of the wonderful friends, places and languages they will encounter through reading these short stories.

Through each of the adventures, we hope children will be inspired to read more, learn more about the world and all of its wonderful treasures that it has to offer. At Catnap Stories, we love learning, travelling and meeting new friends and we hope the children who read these stories will too.

Our stories are written for children up to the age of 10 or 11 and we believe that parents would enjoy reading them to younger children as much as older children would like reading the books themselves. So if youre looking for childrens bedtime stories or short stories for children you wont be disappointed!

Each of our stories will introduce children to learning about living and caring for cats, a new city or country, different cultures, famous sights and customs as well as introduce them to foreign languages.

Our Books are available in Hardback and E-book format and can be purchased via our website catnapstories

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Catnap Stories

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