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The Insult Emporium

“Local based Publisher of rude and funny Greetings Cards.”

We here at The Insult Emporium are purveyors of humorous and slightly rude/cheeky Greetings Cards with an adult twist. Say what you want to say at the time you mean to say it, and what says it better than a Birthday Card stating Well Done On Avoiding Death, or an Anniversary Card saying Happy Anniversary, Who Knew Wed Last This Long?!. All of our cards are made on 360gsm card and designed from the darkest depths of our brains with humour at t he forefront, often with rude words thrown in, but the message is till the same no matter what, Happy Birthday, or Happy Anniversary, or Get Well Soon. We have over 280 designs on our website on Etsy and have been running since April 2018, and all cards are printed by a local printers here in Norwich.

Our aim is simple, make people laugh...

If people laugh then our job is done...If people are offended or insulted, then again, job done! Nothing is meant to shame or offend massively, all is in context but with adult themes, you never know what the next card will say!

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The Insult Emporium

Attleborough, Norfolk