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“I am Jackie, I make unique, silver jewellery. I take inspiration from nature around me. It is the shape that influences my designs”

I am Jackie, a new jeweller from Monmouth. Having grown up in the countryside and always lived in rural locations, I take inspiration from nature around me. It is the shape and texture that predominantly influences my designs
Everything I make is hand-made and one of a kind, as each new piece evolves and develops from the initial concept. I mainly work with silver for finished pieces, after having tried out ideas in paper and copper first.
Artists that inspire me are Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long. I love their use of natural materials in their work. I like the work of a local artist, Lynda Jones, and her depiction of trees and landscapes. Currently the jewellers that have inspired me are Junko Mori, Julie Byfield, Noon Passama, Attai Chen and more commercially Alex Monroe.
I believe my work is interesting and individual for people who want something different

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JP Jewellery

Monmouth, Monmouthshire