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“I am a gemstone and fashion lover! Gems, beauty, wellbeing and luxury are an integrity that brings happiness to our lives”

My career as an academic at a University Business School has enhanced my detailed professional skills in research and teaching. However, hectic lifestyle results in mental and physical alerts, which urged me to rethink how to relax, enjoy, and subsequently enhance our energy and well-being. Meditation, which I started in summer 2015, has changed my life completely. Through mindfulness meditation, I have relearned to pay attention to small and nice things around me and look at life from a different perspective. My years of interests in astrology and nature triggered my research in geology and practices with gemstones, which relate to our birthstones, birthday stones, and zodiac stones.

Working with gemstones adds enormous value to my meditation activities and transforms my meditation experiences into beauty and a feeling of luxury. With my moods and situations alter daily or even hourly, I have experienced the powerful properties each gem offers when benefiting from wearing different pieces.

Hand-making gemstone jewellery offers me diverse activities from reading books and articles on geology, astrology, and meaning of gems to selecting gems from making jewellery, packaging and taking photos of these natural objects in various backgrounds to delivering them to my customers who need them. I often feel powerful energy and happiness rising throughout all my seven chakras when working with gems. I believe it is important to share my experiences with you. This could be understanding ones birth and lucky stones, the properties of different gemstones, and the beautiful colour and style that each piece of gemstone jewellery offers to enlighten our daily lives.

I design only when my inspiration rises so my pieces are rare and more unique. Each time, I only purpose a small number of gems that attract me. Thanks to meditation and gemstones properties, I feel my creativity and intuition becoming more original and closer to nature and much deeper from my heart. Being a Chinese origin (from the Northeast land of China) and having lived in the UK for about two decades, I strongly believe that my design embraces both Eastern and Western tastes, fitting with outlooks preferred by different cultures.

I make ladies gemstone necklaces, bracelets, and earrings and mens bracelets to a high standard to reflect the power and value of the gems selected. We need different gems to support us in different situations. If you prefer a particular gem or require special properties from a gem, I would be happy to advise and/or make the piece for you. All gemstones and materials used are of very high quality to reflect their true beauty. I trust quality products and warm services make you happy! Apart from the 30-day return policy, I provide a 3-month warranty for all my objects on the product making faulty. Thereafter, I would be happy to help you with repair for a small fee. Considering some jewellery can be very sentimental, I also offer repair services for gemstone pieces that were not bought from me. I just love working with gems!

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