Abbielouise - Clothing


“I hand make, rework and design clothing. I mainly use old unloved materials and clothes creating sustainable, unique, one off clothes”

I have found my handmade clothes to be popular from selling them online. I create my own designs and ideas for the clothes I make and use the materials I find as inspiration. I use new materials as well as old and I offer customers custom made and custom fit clothes. I enjoy working with another persons ideas to create something they will love. The majority of the clothes I make are one offs and all different, I have found this has brought interest in from all ages. I source my materials as ethically as I can and enjoy reducing waste by reusing clothes and materials. I only use biodegradable and paper packaging. I am 18 years old and taught myself how to sew a year ago, I have greatly enjoyed it and look forward to expanding my market audience and base.
I also make bits of jewellery, such as floral necklaces and wooden butterfly drop earrings.
For many years now I have been painting and drawing. My artwork has been commissioned many times to capture an animal/pet or loved one. I love sharing my artwork and being able to bring joy to people through it.

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Newbury, Berkshire