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Hedgerow Silver

“Fine silver jewellery inspired by the natural world.”

I make unique pieces of botanical pure silver jewellery. Recycled silver in the form of silver clay holds the finest detail of leaves, flowers and seed pods, and undergoes an alchemical process through earth, air, fire and water to become 99.9 percent pure silver. Simple and elegant, each piece is unique, and reflects the beauty of nature.

I am a herbalist, so most of my jewellery is made using medicinal plants. Each piece of jewellery holds some of the properties of the plant, so Oak is for strength, Mugwort and Vervain are for protection, etc. I love making items to order, and keep a selection of deciduous leaves preserved so that I can continue making jewellery during the winter months.

This is eco-friendly jewellery, as the silver is recycled from old electronic devices. The boxes used are also made from recycled materials, and flyers are printed by a carbon-neutral printer who uses vegetable inks on paper from sustainably managed forests.

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Hedgerow Silver

Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk