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Pearl and Rock

“Pearl, iridescent beauty, comes together with lava rock, born out of fire to carry the fragrance”

Pearl and Rock came out of a desire to create a range of jewellery which incorporated both beauty and function. The beauty came initially in the form of pearls, wonderfully iridescent and amazing in colour, but it soon became clear that the lava bead, initially to be used as the carrier of essential oils, had a distinct beauty of its own. Interesting that the very first bracelet sold was black lava beads with a single black pearl!

Each piece is uniquely crafted and falls into one of three main designs aimed to suit all tastes. Each piece also carries the signature of Pearl + Rock, a pearl and lava bead connected by a single silver bead

Colour and fragrance have long been known to carry qualities that have a significant impact on health and well being. Who hasnt been touched by fragrance or colour, evoking memories, affecting moods and emotions!

Take advice from an essential oil provider on the properties of essential oils and then place one or two drops of the chosen essential oil onto a fingertip and rub across the side of the lava bead not directly in contact with skin

As well as for personal enjoyment these pieces make wonderful gifts (whether or not the wearer uses essential oils) and fit many occasions

Contact me if you have specific design or colour requests

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Pearl and Rock

Coulsdon, Surrey