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“I take unwanted outdated items and breath new life into them”

I started work as a painter and decorator 28 years ago, I reached the top of my trade from a quality standard point of view and won awards from the industry, but found my heart was no longer within achieving the perfect shine on a glossed windowsill, so earlier this year (2018) I took the brave step to leave my old job and start to focus on my true passion, Upcycling furniture and reinventing the wheel (so to speak) I have worked on a number of projects which can be viewed on my Instagram page as well as my Facebook page instagram/newbolds_retro_rescue/ or facebook/Newbolds-Retro-Rescues-476598519378981/

An example of the types of other projects I work on are,
Golf ball Keyrings (Which I sell for 2.50 plus P and P),
Pencil earrings (Which I sell for 2.50 plus P and P),
Garden and household signs made to order from reclaimed weathered wood, (prices vary from 15.00 to 35.00 depending on size plus P and P),
VHS lights (8.00 plus P and P),
Retro Beer coaster picture frames (12.00 plus P and P) - These Im really fond as there are some classics in my collection,
Garden herb markers made from Apple wood (3.00 each or 4 for 10.00 plus P and P)
Bike Chain and bottle top key chains, must me seen to be appreciated, (3.50 plus P and P)
Toilet Roll holders, you may laugh, but these are quirky and a good conversation piece, designs and prices may vary for these, for example I have a walking stick toilet roll stand that Ive made (which costs 15.00 plus P and P)
Stag and Bull taxidermy heads made from Bike parts (which I sell for 30 to 35 plus P and P, these are heavy so postage will be around the 8 mark)
Retro Vinyl Cake stands with various music artists and designs, (prices start from 10.00 and go up to 20.00 plus P and P)

I work with a variety of items to turn them into desirable objects, from Large pieces of Furniture that I Upcycle using stains, paints and other finishes that Ive perfected over the last 28 years working the trade, to converting VHS tapes to lights, old shed panels into garden or household signs, Bike chains into keyrings, the list is endless, I cant stand waste and enjoy turning unwanted everyday objects into something people want in their homes

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Newbolds Retro Rescue

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire