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“My aim is to create unique gifts that bring a smile!”

The Blue Cat Story
THE Blue Cat Gift Company
The inspiration behind this new adventure are my family, firstly my Grandparents Edith and Richard visiting their home is one of my favourite childhood memories, it was always a happy place to be. Our Grandma Eadie always had time to read to us, The Magic Porridge pot, The Elves and the Shoemaker just two of my favourites, and Grandad who always had time to play. Then our beloved Grandma Mary who worked all her life and raised her children as a single parent, however hectic her life was she always had time for us, her favourite colour was and is now mine if you hadnít guessed is ...Blue!
My three sons Danny, Ben and Callum, reading to them as little boys is now a distant but happy memory, they inspire me to believe in myself and always cheer me up with their humour!
And of course my 3 cats Hetty, Pip and Big Cat who as all animals do... love me unconditionally and I love them!

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The Blue Cat

Wigan, Lancashire