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“Beautiful, very carefully made pieces using silver, quality crystals and semi precious gem stones.”

Hello, my name is Erin and I welcome you to my listing.
I have not always made jewellery, several years ago I had a fantastic career which I loved.
Unfortunately an injury on duty left my life in tatters, losing my career and after a long operation, learning to walk again.
One wet winters afternoon I began putting a few beads together purely out of boredom, no more running marathons, abseiling or big motorbikes for me and I was looking for something to keep me occupied.From that afternoon I never looked back.
I did still have some health problems and I purchased one day a Crystals which I wear all the time.Within a week this crystal had done its job and I and my family noticed a big difference in some of the problems.Nothing else in my life had altered and nothing will shake my conviction that this crystal worked .So then I turned my pattern using healing crystals and semi precious gem stones with silver in all of my jewellery.
Crystals and gemstones have for many thousands of years been used as talismans and for their metaphysical and healing properties.
For maximum benefit the crystal and gemstones works best when kept on the person, preferably next to the skin.
What better way to do this than by wearing a piece of carefully made jewellery?
There is a choice of bespoke items using the crystals and gemstones that will best suit your individual requirements, or choose a piece already made , maybe as a gift for a loved one needing some healing or protection, or both.
There are crystals for almost every ailment and concern, from blood disorders through to addictions, fear of hospitals to recovery from a long illness.
I only use the best quality findings, crystals and gemstones.
Every piece will come presented in a box with a list of the powers of each crystal and gemstones used.
No piece i make will ever be the same as another in style unless requested.
Every person has their individual taste and I am happy to work with you if you so desire to incorporate your requirements.However I have a wide selection of different styles of jewellery already made.
Time and great care and consideration together with excellent quality makes my jewellery a really special gift for yourself or another.
Contact me at any time for a friendly chat with no obligation.
Plus, to add that feel youd factor to your purchase, I donate 100% of the proceeds from every sale to animal welfare.
And talking of animals, I make up crystals that can be attached to a dog collar, or placed under a cats bed, to aide your animal friend too.Again, both physically and metaphysically.Many rescue animals have some issues such as separation anxiety , fear aggression, eating disorders, and crystal therapy can work equally well for them.Again, please feel free to contact me to discuss any concerns or queries, Im always very happy to help.
Thank you

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