Elfy - Silversmith


“Elfy is a diverse and modern take on jewellery, with designs that make you look twice.”

Elfy is a silver jeweller who has created elegant and, out of the box, designs. She has worked with numerous clients to create timeless pieces of jewellery. She is enthusiastic and passionate about new techniques. Elfy previous worked in retail, deli her unique and captivating designs to clients on the the shop floor. This grew the community of customers, where collaborating designs and a diverse exchange of ideas fosters the creation of jewellery as beautiful as it is personal for anyone, anywhere in the world.
Elfy’s design aesthetic at times embraces a more organic and unrefined look, reflective of the natural world, but just as often it likes to dress up pretitly, undulate and flow, and finish with an immaculate sparkle. No matter what she brings to the table in terms of design, her clients walk away feeling satisfied with a treasured design.

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