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“Bespoke hardwood hand crafted furniture and gifts”

I use the skills and techniques of Fine Woodwork to create my furniture and gifts. This focuses on skilled use of beautiful hand tools to create stunning pieces with real care and attention to detail. I studied for three years at the John McMahon School of Fine Woodwork and in John have found a fabulous teacher and mentor.

I use beautiful hardwood, generally either stunning striped Ash, or the darker more mellow tones of American or European Oak to create my pieces. Fine woodworking demands the use of really sharp Planes and Cabinet Scrapers to create the most beautiful flat surface on each piece of wood that goes into a design - you will not find scratchy sanded surfaces on anything created at Sheridanwood.

It is important to also understand the skills of finishing pieces once they are completed and I have had fabulous results using Natural Oils - either Pure Tung Oil for a slow and solid matte finish or Danish Oil which gives a beautiful satin sheen to the wood surface. For outdoor furniture or things that will have heavy use such as chairs, I prefer to use multiple coats of a satin varnish which is is finally finished with a coat of beeswax to give a deep satin sheen to the wood.

I have made many different furniture designs ranging from Cabinets to Tables Chairs and Shelving. Smaller gift pieces include Mirrors Pestle and Mortars and House Numbers. I have also undertaken bespoke fitted work with the completion of a gorgeous window seat with Oak seat tops which has pride of place in my conservatory.

I really enjoy carving and painting designs onto my pieces which results in something really unique and special. I take a lot of my inspiration from films and love the Gothic Revival period, a lot of which can be seen in furniture and buildings in the Harry Potter film franchise. Living in a modern house myself, I also understand the need for clean lines and simple shaping to suit a more modern piece.

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