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“Recycled Repurposed Reloved Furniture and Decorative Items”

Hey, we’re Ediths Attic. What we’re about is fairly simple, the ‘throw away’ culture of today saddens us so we chose to do something about it. Finding a piece of furniture or a decorative item and then spending the time to rework and repurpose it is what makes us happy, the only thing that makes us happier is finding it a home. Recycle, repurpose, relove, that is what we are about. When I say we, thats myself, Melanie, ( I do all the artwork, design , woodwork, painting, glueing, selling etc etc), My daughters Zaleigh helps me at market, and my daughter Amy helps me source items, and does the media work. My long suffering husband loads and unloads the transport on market days, encourages me when i have the wobbles and helps me when i get stuck! That is not to mention my wonderful parents who supplied me with a work shop or all my aunties who have in turn, encouraged, stood in fields at 6am setting up with me and helped spread the word So who was Edith I hear you say? Well , Edith was my Nan, and like all great Nan’s she was amazing. I would stand by her side and look up as beautiful fabrics would whirl and twirl above my head, then magically turn into beautiful ball gowns All 15 of us grandchildren would own a “Nan creation”, sewn, knitted or crocheted by Nan, using whatever she had in her legendary stash. As I grew older my Nan made my wedding dress, my eldest daughters christening gown, table cloths, knitting bags, the list goes on. All appearing out of hardly anything but my Nan’s imagination and fingers.
My little business is my passion, taking a piece of tired furniture and remaking it into something beautiful. Nan would have liked that. she like many wartime Mums recycled to survive, Granddad and her had a large family, 5 daughters and a son. Calling my business Ediths Attic is my way of paying tribute to her and spreading about a little of Nans love.
A lot of our finished work has hand drawn art work, inspired by John Tenniels work on Alice in Wonderland, Mandela pattens, Fairies , and our latest range, La Oddball Famille de Spectacle de Cirque. this was influenced by a circus I once saw in France. You will also find work influenced by Super heros , Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, and Folk art!
We often take commissions, working closely with our clients to create a individual statement piece for their home or as in the case of a local record company, their office. We used old musical instruments to create bespoke useful items. I have to say that these instruments had been well gigged and had earnt their rest! Drum tables, cymbal clocks and lights, guitar neck cable racks, guitar wall cabinets to name a few items.
You will often find available for purchase, furniture in all shapes and sizes, crockery, clocks, wooden decorative items, solar patio lighting, as well as lighting for the home. I have a bit of a thing for kitchen doors. They are so versatile. Lids for storage foot stools, coat racks, key boards, chalk boards, so many uses. I am also not adverse to Ikea items. Usually simplistic in design , a Ikea piece of furniture ready to be recycled is a blank canvas. so much fun to be had.
Your home should reflect you, mine is very eclectic, and over the years I have collected pieces that are individual and meaningful. That is what I try to create and sell, Items that will individualise your home.

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