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Just by Candle Light

“Handmade soya wax candles for all occassions”

100 percent natural soy wax in superior quality and amongst the best on the market.
With an excellent scent throw, itís perfect to use with our wide range of scented oils, to ensure a fantastically scented candle.
Soy wax is a sustainable, renewable and biodegradable alternative to traditional paraffin wax, sourced from earth grown soybeans, which results in a vegan and vegetarian eco-friendly candle wax.
The wax we use is made from 100 percent vegetable soybeans, with absolutely no petroleum, paraffin, beeswax or additives.
Soy wax candles burn longer, cooler and cleaner without soot build up and they have the ability to maintain an even burn pool, with consistent colour retention.
With soy wax it is easy to clean up any spills with just soap and water Ė no need for harsh solvents

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Just by Candle Light

Hamilton, South Lanarkshire