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“Supersize knitting! Blankets and accessories made with giant yarn, hand or arm knitted using British wool often from my own flock”

From my small farm in Devon I breed sheep and use their wool to create supersize knitted blankets and accessories.
I don’t knit with needles, preferring instead to use my hands or arms depending on the look the customer wants (arm knitting gives a looser, “loopy” look whereas with hand knitting I can knit and purl just like regular knitting so I can offer more in the way of stitches such as garter, stockinette, seed, rib or moss).

As well as my own wool, I like to use other native breeds. We have such a fantastic variety of breeds up and down the country. The colours I offer are creams, browns and greys the natural shades of the sheep. I can also source dyed wool if you prefer a ‘pop’ of colour.

The blankets I make are available in several sizes from ‘Baby’ at 50 x 90cm, through to ‘King’, a whopping 180 x 180cm, and of course I can make bespoke sizes for whatever you need.

Being handmade -literally, means every item I make is completely unique, no two will ever be the same. The sheer size, look and feel of the yarn means these statement pieces will provide the wow factor in any room. Commission one for yourself, give as a gift or lend to those who visit (super chunky blankets look
a-maze-ing draped over the bed in luxury guest accommodation). A great investment and when looked after properly will last a lifetime.

Wool is an amazing fibre naturally insulating for both hot and cold climes, hypoallergenic, odour and stain resistant (simply blot spills, and hang outside occasionally to freshen up), plus it’s a renewable source as sheep need shearing annually so there’s always plenty of it!

It’s a very expensive and lengthy process to turn fleece into wool. I use worsted tops which means the sheared, raw fleece is washed, carded and then turned into rovings This is what I knit with... it looks like a continuous sausage! I give each item special care and attention before it is sent out -it’s not just about the knitting!

Custom items will be sent by courier, usually in 1-2 weeks, stock items will be despatched in 3-5 working days from receipt of payment.
I’m happy to answer any enquiries so please feel free to get in touch

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