Woolly Inspirations - Felting

Woolly Inspirations

“Needle felted flora, fauna and faces pictures and 3D sculpted woolly critters”

I started making these felted pictures and 3D animal critters in the wild wet days and dark evenings in the winter when it was difficult doing my full-time job as a gardener. I wanted something to create while I was sitting by the fireside.

First I created pictures of all my favourite things, flowers and cats, then got more adventurous and tried birds especially owls and woodland animals. Now I do whatever takes my fancy at the time,, but this year I seem to be gripped by doing horses and people portraits. I m getting braver.

The 3D sculpets, my critters, I create out of 100 percent wool and therefore safe for any children to play with. Its great seeing their wee faces light up when they see them. I use jacobs fleece to sculpt the shape and merino fleece to paint their colours on. This makes them so soft and silky, very tactile. Lovely for young and old

My house is filling up with woolly life forms , so its time to share.

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Woolly Inspirations

Anstruther, Fife