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Recycloanalyst Ann Jenkins

“Giving new and alternative life to objects that have been abandoned so that they can be worn and admired again”

I am a designer maker living in Abingdon, Oxfordshire using recycled objects where possible. I incorporate all that interests me and catches my eye into my pieces: the old, the new, the weird, the wonderful: Small toys and cracker charms into colourful fun bracelets and necklaces. Vintage buttons coupled with laminated Liberty fabrics to create unique necklaces. Vintage postage stamps and watches into bracelets. Vintage embroidered linens into brooches. Antique mechanical watches (that no longer work, but are so elegant) into bracelets and necklaces. My most recent work gives new alternative life to abandoned (but beautiful) broken china and pottery as unique necklaces to be worn and admired again.

I sell online with Etsy and Handmade Hunt has featured my shop. This is what they say:
Launched in December, 2016 the idea behind Handmade Hunt is to discover and showcase artisans making handmade items. We browse through Etsy shops and find the best ones..........The more interesting shops are the ones making items by hand or selling very unique and low-quantity products..............Etsy is about small shops offering products they care about and love to make............Thus Handmade Hunt is the place where we want to explore different ways to find those interesting shops.

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Recycloanalyst Ann Jenkins

62B Bath Street, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 1EB