Made By Angie Lou - Knitting

Made By Angie Lou

“Individual items from my imagination, no two ever the same”

I create individual knitted, embellished and paper crafted items.

I have no set parameter for my designs - if it pops into my brain Ill give it a go, which means that my stock never stays still and if you see it you need to buy it as I might not go down that route again.

I have created Cardigifts - greetings cards with gifts attached - I recommend having them in a drawer so that when you remember a birthday you only need to post a Cardigift rather than go shopping.

No two items I create are the same and I am happy to take commissions and private orders in all the aforementioned crafts.

So if you want knitted hair accessories, lanyards or bunting, Cardigifts which save you time and effort or a set of wedding stationary Made By Angie Lou is the place for you.

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Made By Angie Lou

Swindon, Wiltshire