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“Handmake Reiki Attuned Semiprecious and Handbeaded Swarovski Elements Jewellery. I am qualified in Reiki and Angel Card Reader.”

I Handbeaded/ Handmake Reiki Attuned Semiprecious Gemstone Jewellery. I also handmade Beaded Jewellery from Swarovski Elements and other finest beads from the highest suppliers.
I am a holistic therapist with over 25 years of professional practice, and this comes across in my Jewellery.
The Jewellery I make tends to be for healing which along with my Reiki, the Semiprecious crystals that I choose to use are naturally Attuned. As I hold them this happens and charges them with energy.
I am also a Certified Angel Card Reader and many of my jewellery pieces are designed around the angels.
I also sell tumble stones- and encourage people to make up their own chakra stone set, complete with instructions. I am also happy to give Angel Card Readings at

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RubyRoxystar Jewellery

Barnet, Hertfordshire