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“Unique art pieces made from Scottish tweeds and natural fabrics”

Having recently returned to the UK from living in the Mediterranean, I am re-living my love of Scotland with its friendly people and stunning landscapes and animals. I love the colours and shapes of the hills and trees and seascapes. But mainly I have fallen in love with the sheer variety of colours and textures of the tweed fabrics here. I have spent a while developing a new style of work which has grown out of my involvement with the British Red Cross in Galashiels where I started to volunteer in the haberdashery department. There I help sort giant bags of off cut tweeds, tartans and wools from a local processing factory donated to the store. We get it ready for sale which is a very labour intensive process but a labour of love. We have to keep stopping to gasp at a particularly gorgeous shade or texture. The variety of pattern and shade is astonishing. I buy lots of this tweed, which helps a very worthy charity, but also makes it possible for me to work with some of the finest woollen fabrics in existence. I often hear from fellow makers in the US and elsewhere that they simply cant get hold of reclaimed tweeds such as these. Re-using and saving fabric from landfill is a top priority for me, I have been using old clothing and donated fabric for a good few years now, not only for ecological reasons but also financial and as it makes your work unique, there can never be a big run of any item as there are only scraps of each fabric and you wont see that fabric used by other makers. I like to use the very traditional fabrics in a non traditional way, using my painting and the tweed like a paint palette of shades and textures to create landscapes, animals, 3d objects such as bowls. It is a great fabric to handle and is very forgiving to sew and has its own fire retardant and deodorant properties due to the lanolin in the wool. I hope you like my style and will follow me on my tweed journey :)

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