Lindas Little Gifts - Decoupage

Lindas Little Gifts

“Decoupage is beautiful, fun to make and bespoke, no two items are the same, sharing this beauty is important to me. Please enjoy it.”

I make small pieces for dressing room design, or bedrooms. Pretty little boxes, cute decorated little tins, glass dishes for jewellery, keepsake boxes and bottles. These are decorated with paper napkins, tissue paper, paint, wallpaper and lovely fabric, all finished with clear varnish to enhance the pieces. Decoupage is a beautiful way to bring everyday objects to life and to enjoy for a very long time.
The pieces are bespoke, no two are ever the same so Im always on the look out for lovely napkins, tissue fabrics and lace. I like to add fabric ribbon to some of the pieces, some really dont need it or maybe a small jewel.
If I am not entirely happy with a piece I strip it and start again, I feel I have to love it and would buy it myself
All pieces come in a clear cellophane wrapper tied with pretty string, have a look in the Shop, and give your eyes a treat.

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