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“A wood turner for many years, friends introduced me to leaded glass work and I now combine these two skills in my product range.”I had been a wood turner for some 15 years when I was introduced to lead glass work and I was soon saw the possibilities of combining these two skills. Lately I have been using, where ever possible, upcycled materials in my range. My wooden pots with glass lids and the Tea light Lanterns fulfil this requirement.

The Tea light Lantern has a base of selected upcycled wood turned it is polished using natural wax polishes and the glass chimney is in fact the centre section of a clear glass wine bottle - modern wine bottle are sometimes scarily thin which makes it very difficult to achieve the longest chimneys. A future project is to engrave the chimneys . . . . .

I continue to work with glass and have made leaded windows and panels on commission. I also still make foiled glass suncatchers and other items to hang in windows, my range includes birds and cupcakes!

Modular Origami is another skill I have built up and I make a range of boxes and bags and do workshops and teach-ins to various groups - which have included Cubs and Brownies, Ladies who Lunch, and craft groups and my Box and Bag parties are increasingly popular.

For the past two years I have been an active member of SEAS (South East ArtistS ) based in Deal. We are a mixed group of crafters and fine arts people.

The Artificer - Wood Turning

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