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Watercolours and Lace

“Unique and beautiful yarns in luxury natural fibres, including Alpaca, Mohair, Silk, Yak, Cashmere, Camelhair and rare breed Wools”

Julie Harris is a Norfolk-based artisan dyer producing hand painted yarns in luxury natural fibres including pure Cashmere, Alpaca, Silk, Camelhair, Yak and Mohair, as well as high quality rare breed wools. Yarn weights vary from fine lace to 4-ply.

Yarns are produced in very small batches (normally from 50-200g per dye lot) in unique colourways, inspired by flowers and the landscape. The dyeing technique used means that finished items will have subtle and harmonious colour changes, reminiscent of traditional watercolour paintings, rather than the harsh striped effect found on many hand painted yarns.

Custom yarns are available for anyone requiring a particular colour in an alternative fibre or weight.  Whilst each dyelot is unique and impossible to replicate exactly, similar lots can be produced using the same colour recipe.

Yarns are dyed using professional acid dyes to give lightfast colours which are hand washable.  A little dye may come out in the first wash or two, but this is quite normal and will not affect the finished item.

Julie also designs patterns for shawls, tops, mittens and hats in lace and Fair Isle patterns from her own yarns, using traditional and more modern lace patterns from Shetland, Estonia, etc.  A selection of patterns suitable for beginners and more experienced knitters are now available.

Julies husband Alan produces project bags and tool rolls/pouches, many from fabrics featuring owls, cats and sheep, and also created beaded stitch markers, many of which include animal charms.

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Watercolours and Lace

Norwich, Norfolk