Mrs Victoria Dickinson

decorating of willow, vine wreaths using different mediums

Hello, my company name is called Twist and Stick and as the title suggests I make wreaths, twisting the willow to make the shape of the wreath and stick the decorations on using different mediums.
I use fabric as well as pottery, dried flowers, in fact the possibilities only stop when your imagination runs out!. I make wreaths for birthdays, funerals, baby showers, seasons etc. The wreaths can be very tiny to very large. From hearts to circles. Some use the wreaths to go around candles for wedding tables, or large hanging wreaths with roses and candles (ones that look very like candles but are battery operated). Clients can choose fabric, different mediums and size, plus the amount of wreaths they need. I love working with different clients, their needs, building up a good friendship, its not only rewarding but very exciting, because each wreath is so unique. If the wreaths are very large I do buy them as one would need a machine to make them.

Who would think it all started with looking at a craft magazine! It was not until friends, family started asking me to make a wreath for them, then one lady who is fantastic with craft said you should set up a website. My business took a bit of a back footing literally when I crushed my ankle, broke my leg in 7 places! Now after recovery, metal and physio, Im back!

I look forward to meeting you at the craft fairs and all the talented people there, not forgetting our lovely clients that appreciate our work.

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Mrs Victoria Dickinson

Bognor Regis, West Sussex