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We are a family run business. Within the first 2 months, we was already stocked in 2 independent outlets. By the 7th month we was stocking in 4 independent outlets. We have only been established since June 2021 and growing bigger every day, whilst maintaining our friendly approachable style of business.
At Infinite gifts we strongly believe in reducing our impact on the planet, the limited amount of plastic we use are biodegradable or recyclable. Our products are vegan friendly with exception of our Honey and Oat soap. All our products are made with natural ingredients.

Our Packaging is Biodegradable or Recyclable.
We also Sell Stock In Reusable Glasses.

Salt Sizzlers
Salt Sizzlers are an Eco-friendlier approach to wax melt scents, this is because while you are burning the salts, you are purifying the air around you and not adding any toxins into the air unlike wax alternatives. Once the scent has disappeared you simply pour the salts into the bin, wipe the top of your burner out with a dry cloth and start again with a fresh batch of scents. You only need a tablespoon of salts in the top of your burner, this is enough to make your home smell amazing! For up to 7 days. “No Mess, Less Stress”

Carpet Freshener
Our Carpet Freshener is like a powder heaven!
Simply sprinkle a small amount of the powder onto your desired area.
Leave for 10-15 minutes (The longer you leave it the stronger the aroma gets) then hoover it up.
Or sprinkle it on your mattress and hoover it off after to freshen your mattress up.
You could even pour some in your shoes to keep them smelling fresh.

Our Soaps are hand crafted, We have all your favourite scents in them. Our soaps leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturised. We add Shea Butter and Olive Oil into our soaps to give you that extra soft feeling.

We also sell various personalised items too.

Our website is infinitegifts

Room and Body Sprays, Car Freshener Sprays and Poppys Dog Range (Including, Treat Jars, Fur Fresh and Bed Freshener Sprays, Dog Soaps and More)

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