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House Of Paper By Sara

Hi, I am Sara. I love to do découpage!

Découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto items in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements.
I love the art of découpage its so flexible. You can découpage almost anything, boxes, picture frames and even make a piece of Mixed media art.
I began to do découpage many moons ago when I lived in Japan. There they use Washi papers to cover tea boxes, small figurines of Japanese Characters and even eggs. As an Expat I went to classes run by lovely Japanese ladies and learnt many Japanese crafts. When I came home I continued to use my skills of découpage, developing new methods with different papers, incorporating paint effects, mouldings and plaster work. The different methods to découpage, the tradition method of cutting out pictures and forming the design on the item. I sometimes design on the computer adding pictures, backgrounds and sometimes words then printing them on to rice paper then sticking onto the item. I also use papers designed by other artisans that sell them and designs by companies like Stamperia and Re-design, as I like to support other small business. Using different papers adds different textures and effects to a finished item as does using different finishes on the paper after you have placed it on the item, like using a crackle glaze to give a vintage cherished look.
I like to découpage all sorts of things like coasters and small picture frames. But my favourite thing to découpage is beautiful jewellery boxes of various shapes and sizes.
I live and work in Cockermouth, Cumbria some of my work can be found in Blossom Valley a local Arts and Crafts shop on the Main Street and when I can I sell at local craft fairs.
Each item is Unique and a one off. They are hand decorated and finished with découpage and paint effects. Most of my découpage is done on new items, eg. unfinished wooden boxes, but I also découpage up-cycled things too and even furniture.
Découpage is an art form in its own right and I love it. You can find me on Instagram and on Etsy.
If youd like to buy any of my items please message me and Ill send you a SQUARE Link to pay. The link will have the amount for the item + 1st class postage normally about £4. Ill usually get the delivery to you within 3 working days. So Ill need your name and postal address too.
Larger boxes/items postage will be more, but postage is stated with item. I look forward to hearing from you. Sara

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House Of Paper By Sara

Cockermouth, Cumbria