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SumUp Card Reader Supplier

Accept card sales at fairs, events and in-store with a SumUp card reader - no fixed contract required

I work as a SumUp Consultant, helping small businesses get paid for doing what they love! Have you ever been at a craft fair and had a customer interested in buying your products but they only have cards on them and no cash? COVID has made people more cautious with using cash so most people use cards or their phones to pay when out and about. Dont miss out on these sales and get yourself a simple to use and affordable card reader.

There are a variety available including ones which connect to your phone, some have built in 3G capabilities and you can even get one which prints receipts if you accept returns in store. All without a fixed contract. With the handy app, you can track your sales too which is especially useful on those days when youre very busy.

Every day, over a million businesses like yours rely on SumUp to get paid. Find out for yourself how SumUp can help your business grow. As a SumUp Consultant, I can also offer a discount on the card readers with our cheapest one starting at 19 instead of 29. Get in touch with me today to discuss your requirements.

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SumUp Card Reader Supplier

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