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now thats good store

Artisan Crafts in wood and Resin

At we have a unit at an enterprise centre in Newcastle under lyme. We are busy making an array of wooden crafts and incorporate our products with decoupage / Resin and whatever else compliments our product range.
We enjoy making rustic products such as our famous Hedgehog Houses which we sell a lot of and we are proud of making.Thinking about the environment, we also turn our hand to Bird feeders and squirrel tables, but we do a lot more than this.
As a woodturner we make slimline pens / Finial boxes / auctioneers gavels plus so much more
We try to be creative and mix things up with leasure activities such as playing card holders to stimulate entertainment during these dark covid times.
Do you have small children who you want to see how fast they are growing? we can do commissions on items such as growth charts which can be customised to your own child.
There are plenty of options if you enjoy nice coffee mats or beer coasters. We currently sell Pine and Solid Oak coasters, including laser printed options offering a further opportunity to personalise gifts for your loved ones.
At we are able to cater for the vast majority of people, selling handmade jewellry, pens, kitchenware including Chopping boards, bread baskets, Oak trays, etc, also Pipe holders , tea lights, and so much more

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