Keith Price - Wood turning

Keith Price

Handmade pens, eg fountain pens, rollerball pens and all types of ballpoint pens.

My hobby is woodturnig which I have done for many years . I have turned many items lidded boxes , bowls etc , but my passion is for turning hand made pens from many different hardwoods , resins and Acrylics pens which are very popular because of the many different colours I use of which I have built up a substantial stock .
I first started learning all about woodturnig at
school and realised that this is something I would return to later in life.
I joined birstall woodturnig club and learned about the health and safety and basic woodturnig.
I have a small workshop which has an Axminster lathe and all relevant tools to make almost anything from wood .
I live in Huddersfield West Yorkshire and currently work part time in Leeds .
I was born in Huddersfield and lived there all my life 65 years and counting .

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