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Missys Headbandz aim is to create beautiful handmade headbands for everyone.

Hey Missys Headbands here, I do hope your well. As you can gain from my name I design cute Headbands / Alice bands for everyone.
I initially started Missys headbands because I couldnt find any over the top cute headbands for my then 1 year old daughter, so I thought ill create some myself. I was inspired by flowers, but did not want to create flowers. I played around a bit and began to love the pompom design. This design in my opinion is beautiful and also very cute at the same time.
As it goes, she began to get complimented wherever we went about her cute handmade headbands, created by her Mummy which then sparked a fuse in me, to start selling to the public.

Here at Missys Headbands, our aim is to create cute handmade headbands for everyone. The signature design is the pompom which is showcased through all the designs.
Yarn is the predominant material used, which gives the headbands a unique cute knitted look. The main feature is the pompom ranging from many sizes. Additionally, the great thing about crafts and having a made to order business, it gives you the ability to create any size pompom the customer requires.

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Missys Headbanz

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