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Wendy Maddox

“I sell a small range of Miyuki seed beads, Czech glass pearls and fire polished beads, and my range of products is expanding”

As a beader myself I am already addicted to the lovely colours, finishes and sparkles available in these little glass wonders. With no local bead supplier in the Fareham area, I buy online, but if I wanted to browse in person the nearest bead shop is in Southampton.
Not everyone buys online though so I decided to make beads available to my local community through myself. I can deliver in person to certain postcode areas, and even though I donít have a physical shop, I have sample kits for Miyuki seed beads and Czech beads. If you would like a visit from me, The Bead Fairy, in person to take your order, either at your local library, charity event, fete or other designated location, get in touch.
I buy top quality stock from Miyukiís official European distributor in the Czech Republic and they also supply my Czech beads. My beads are sold in biodegradable packets instead of plastic tubes. Alternatively, refill an existing container and get a 5 percent discount AND help eradicate plastic pollution of our oceans.

Let me light up your life with a bit of sparkle
Wendy x

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