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Cutting Edge

Bespoke 100 percent handmade chainmaille and bead jewellery and Japanese ornaments

I have stumbled across chainmaille jewellery about 4 years ago and have never looked back since.

How I make it:

I buy different size wire. Usually it is copper base silver plated or gold plated non tarnish wire. I also use sterling silver wire for customer orders. I coil the wire around different size mandrels and then use jewellers saw to cut the coils into hundreds of small jump rings. Each pair of earrings, each bracelet or anklet, each necklace or choker are made of many little rings by joining them together one ring at a time. Depending on the pattern the one piece of chainmaille jewellery can have more then 1000 rings in it.

I also make Japanese thread balls called Te-Ma-Ri. These are thread balls with embroidered patterns on them and used as home decorations.

I teach how to make chainmaille jewellery or Temari

Our shop does other services, not only jewellery and ornaments. We cut keys, repair shoes and watches, engrave trophies, service and sell music instruments.

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Cutting Edge

15 Albion Street, Rugeley, Staffordshire, WS15 2BY