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Groups can be associations, clubs, guilds or societies, based in the UK and directly involved with arts and crafts.

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Featured crafts people

Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen - General Crafts - Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen

Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen has been in existence since 1990, with a membership of around 30 craftsmen ...

The Social Media Marketeers - General Crafts - London

The Social Media Marketeers

Hello UkCrafters! This page has been created as a whole new step forward in your social media profile, we will now ...

Country Crafts Association - General Crafts - Lincolnshire

Country Crafts Association

The aim of The Country Crafts Association is To be an information service to and for our members giving ...

Promoted groups

Lettsom Womens Fellowship - General Crafts - LondonAll Sewn Up - Sewing - Cheshire

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Craft groups can be either clubs, guilds, associations or societies throughout the UK.