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Waney Grain

Artisan woodworks

We are Karen and Nick Titmus from Waney Grain Artisan Woodworks. We’re a husband and wife team crafting beautiful pieces from native English and Exotic hardwoods, showcasing their natural colours and fascinating grain. Nick is a turner and woodcrafter. Karen is a gilder (working with silver and confetti metal leaf) and knitter (specialising in luxury super chunky merino and handspun wools).

Nick creates waney-edged foodboards, yarn bowls, shawl pins, Christmas trees, snowmen, tealight woodcups and holders, candles and candlesticks. Karen creates our Fantasy Forest of gilded trees, and a range of sumptuous, eye-catching and unique knitted scarves and neckwear.

Nick always says that his job as a turner is just to give wood a chance to express itself. He liberates stunning, swirling matrices and coaxes fabulous nuances from bark and burr to sapwood and heartcore... These naturally occurring characteristics are a powerful and compelling reference to the tree in its raw and living form.

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