I am an unique bespoke jewellery designer.
I use Precious/Semi Precious Gemstones to make my jewellery.
Ive worked with different materials for example - Soft leather macrame - shibori ribbon clay and copper wire and 925 Sterling Silver all depends on Gemstones used. I also use elements of Swarovski crystals range if asked to add sparkle. Although I feel all gemstones sparkle.
I like to bring something different to those customers who frequent purchase from myself I always try bring something different for Christmas designs.
My customers from 2009 when I returned back to designing and making jewellery for thank you gifts and personal gifts for friends who have worn them all over the world on cruise ships etc. To family in USA and Canada Ireland.
I was involved in my teens silver smithing as I travelled with a family member down South she had many friends.
In the 70s I attended College for window dressing and design and wholesale I had a break due to health and allergy became an office worker for a good number of years and later years I returned to college unfortunately due to health i found it hard to keep my eyes open to follow instructions unfortunately I couldnt return to silver re using machines and torches.
Im self taught or you tube assisted me in the basics. When working with wire your in control of the end results.

I am not a follower of fashion tho we all can have those quick makes I have nothing against them and with gemstones never 2 alike.
And not everyone likes chunky wired pieces round there necks. Especially for everyday use
I make all types of jewellery. Broches Keyrings window sun catchers.
I also sell hand held gemstones or if others wish to buy for own jewellery.
And I also provide art pieces thats came from work during therapy.
All my work is tagged with info with price and info of Gemstone used and other materials used to complete the item. And presented in a box. And bag..

I work all over Scotland for both jobs.
I sell at markets at
These are outside markets
Indoors at B.E.E.S
shopping centres Dunfermline
Charity events for sense Scotland. Special needs school and Good friendship for the disabled. Nursing homes.
And also I organise my own parties in the past maybe not this year and other social events for organisations
And hope to return when we may get bck to normal or near normal with restrictions and ppe.

Since August 2019 I was blessed with a small studio within the Barras markets where I can create sell for time its click and collect for now and also practice therapy.

Its full time running your own business but its worthwhile as you meet so many nice people along the way those who are crafters holistic therapist and potential customers/clients.

Digital is new to me. I rather be outside selling my wares than online although click and collect local could be better.
Will give it a try in between times of a busy working schedule.

Hope you can stop and say hello.


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