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Furrever and Ever

Furreverandever is a combination of original art, textile designs and exclusive animal portraits, commissioned from your own photos

Commissions undertaken of pet portraits, mostly cats, dogs and horses, although I have been known to do the odd ferret (no trouser jokes please!)
All I need is a clear photograph of your furry friend and I will transform it into an original artwork exclusive to you, using quality board and graphite pencil.
In contrast I will be presenting a new style of work, which began a couple of years ago, Somewhat Steampunk.
It is art with a vintage feel, inspired by old technology and museums I have visited, resulting in quite intricate paintings.
Products available will be Canvas prints, prints on aluminium, silk cushions, scarves and pocket squares. All from my exclusive designs.
Embroidery design has been the main focus of my work for many years. I now produce unique pieces of Textile art with a more contemporary feel using freestyle embroidery and applique.

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Furrever and Ever

Bolton, Lancashire