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Unique, Handmade Craft Gifts and Cards

I design, create and personally make handcrafted gifts, sourcing quality and varying materials to make individual unique, crafted cards and framed pictures. My deisgns are inspired from what I observe from sitting on a bus to being in a restaurant, from reading a book, or seeing something on the television. I also and most importantly listen to my customers who often seek very specific types of designs.

I have design and create personalised cards and gifts for all occasions, from Wedding, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas. Each craft is made always with the client at the forefront.

I facilitate cards for businesses and design Christmas cards for a Pilates Business and use my ethos of ensuring each card is unique.

I have great pleasure and pride in this and use every opportunity to use my creativity.

Cards and Frame Sets can be personalised, maintaining the ethos ensuring each design is different and created with the same standard of high quality.

My products are definitely not on the high street

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