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EllieBGlass - Elliegant and FUNctional stuff in glass

Elliegant and FUNctional Fused Glass Art
Hello and Welcome to Ellie B Glass
My affair with glass started over 20 years ago and has now crept into a full time obsession.
Come and join me in my little adventure into the world of glass, both new  and recycled. I do hope you find something special in fused glass, Look through the window in my upcycled window glass range or find a smashing item from the recycled glass bottle section. Artwork made of broken glass is so unique as no two bits can ever be the same.
Dont forget it doesnt matter if the glass is half full or half empty there will always be room for more wine which means an empty bottle and we know just the thing to do with an empty glass bottle!  Or if you need somewhere to put your wine until you do drink it you can use one of my fused glass wine racks.

Have fun always!
Ellie B :-))

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