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Kids 4 Kids

An organisation operated for the benefit of younger writers although we also aid older writers as well

KIDS4KIDS is an organisation which, working alongside our sister organisation, KidsWhoWrite, aid writers, especially younger ones in their chosen craft. Through our group of professionals we offer mentoring services, reviewing and editing services as well assistance in publishing for writers of all ages in order to help them pursue, create, develop and publish their written or illustrated work.
We do not discriminate on age which is why we have two arms to our Organisation. KIDS4KIDS and KIDSWHOWRITE, aimed at all young writers up to the age of 17 years. And for the older writers our alternative company Pen and Ink Designs who also offers similar services as well as advice on promoting and marketing the completed work, exhibiting and website design to suit all tastes.
Besides this we also promote items that have been handcrafted by our associates who are offering products based on their own pieces of work, whether it be art, writing or design.

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