Paula Matthews - Jewellery

Paula Matthews

Designer /maker sculptured uniqiue jewellery

I produce unique handmade jewellery made from sterling silver /fine silver and gold.
I worked in the fashion accessory business for many years before finding my true passion for creating fine jewellery. This has enabled me to ignite my creativity again with beautiful and individual hand sculptured pieces.
My handcrafted jewellery takes inspiration from the beauty of nature, which is close to my heart.
All of my jewellery pieces are made with individual attention to detail through sculpting, carving and using a special balance between shapes, textures and pattern.
My work is constantly evolving as I search for new ideas that can reflect and add a statement to those precious moments in our everyday lives and become a keepsake.
Many of my items are made to order, commissions and bespoke ideas can be magically brought to life .
A beautiful gift , special occasion or just something which draws your eye with individuality is what I am to achieve .

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Paula Matthews

Sheffield, South Yorkshire