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Jewellery, accessories and decorations - all made with beads!

Having spent the past 3 years in California, I am now back in the UK enjoying the British summer weather of 2023!

I went to a craft fair... thats how it started. I bought a kit to make a bead purse using brick stitch. In the accompanying book were pictures of other things to make. And so my Christmas decorations were born. These are basically boxes or cylinders covered with a beaded pattern, a fringe and a handIe. When hanging on the tree, they reflect the light and look really lovely and Christmassy.

From there, naturally progressed covered boxes for trinkets, smaller versions of the Christmas decorations that can be used as charms for phones, purses, zips...

Then I found a bead crochet book while browsing in a craft shop (these places are dangerous!) - I just had to have a go and it has proved very addictive as did the bead loom which I was given as a gift. I enjoy making my own patterns - trying out new ideas, following the what ifs... that pop into my head and experimenting with the different effects that varying the colours can achieve.

Whilst in the US, I was able to more easily explore the beading techniques of the indigenous population, shop in the trader stores and even went to a pow-wow. The beadwork was amazing! I am now beading anything cylindrical and working on beading straight to fabric.

I try to get to a few craft stalls throughout the year - mainly in Hampshire / Surrey. Maybe Ill see you there!

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