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Twisted Horseshoe Knives

Having retired as a farrier I can now indulge in my passion for bladesmithing. Making knives lets me still be by my anvil and forge.

I make knives for various different uses following age old techniques with the advantage of modern tools. I only use High Carbon Steel as this allows for easy home sharpening and edge retention. It also means the blade will acquire its very own patina with use as its initial shine will transform with use into a patina. This makes each knife unique and full of its own character.
My source for steel is, as a rule, recycled from my old farriers rasps, files, car spring, leaf spring... I make the blades either out of one layer of steel (monosteel), hammer finished or smooth, or multi-layered which is known as Damascus Steel. Damascus steel combines 8 or 9 layers of different steels that are welded by fire and hammer into one stock. This stock is stretched and folded over, welded again and the process is repeated until the final blade is made of 96 to 140 layers. A Damascus blade shows off its genesis by its unique random pattern.
As most of my knives are made by commission, Damascus steel allows me to incorporate any steel that holds a particular sentimental value for the future owner, such as a beloved ponys shoe, granddads carpentry files, etc. This immediately gives the knife a much personalised soul.
For the handles I recur to salvaged wood which is seasoned and stabilised and polished so it feels just right in the hand. As with the blade, the handles can be personalised by using wood with sentimental value to its owner.

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Twisted Horseshoe Knives

Stowmarket, Suffolk