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Now Strike Archery Ltd produces traditional long bows and arrows.

Now Strike Archery Ltd produces long bows and arrows using traditional craft tools and techniques. Our bowyers have many years experience in hand crafting bows and arrows, which are manufactured for the retail market and as commissions.

We attend many craft shows and events throughout the country demonstrating this great skill but we also offer Have a go with a longbow giving the general public the opportunity of shooting with an authentic yew longbow.

We also offer the following courses to individuals wanting to use their skill in crafting their very own bow and arrows.

Bow Making Course
Over 2 days and under full tuition, you craft your own longbow starting out with a blank tri-laminate stave you learn to shape the bow using traditional hand tools before tillering to learn what to look for in the bend as you work it to full compass. You then go on to shape and fit the horn nocks before adding an arrow pass and making your own string.

Arrow Making Course
This 1 day course will take you through making your own arrow shafts by hand from straight grained ash. You will learn how to insert horn for strength before cutting the nock. Our instructors will then teach you the secrets of fletching using rabbit skin glue, shaping the feathers into fletchings and then whipping them to the shaft. You can take home as many arrows as you can make in the day. Courses are tailored to individual needs so make sure to let us know if you want to make heavy duty military arrows or lighter but authentic looking re-enactment arrows.

Once you have made your bow and arrows why not undertake our Masterclass. Learn to shoot the historical way! The traditional way of shooting a bow is very different to the modern methods simply due the way the bow behaves and our experienced instructors are there to pass on their knowledge. The Masterclass is open to beginners or those who are used to shooting but want to learn how to be accurate with a longbow.

One day introduction to blacksmithing,
A one day introductory course to general blacksmithing, this is a good starting point for anyone perhaps considering blacksmithing as a serious hobby or even career.

A one day course where you will learn how to make arrowheads, form the socket and have a go at some of the different styles/types of medieval arrowhead.

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Now Strike Archery Ltd

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