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RainbowFox Studio

Handmade Greetings Cards, Photography and Line Drawings

Welcome to RainbowFox Studio. Its so lovely to meet you and I hope that you enjoy finding out a little bit of what I do.

I hand make greetings cards, using both the photographs that I have taken from the world around me and the line drawings that I create. I live in Kent and so I am afforded some beautful scenery and coastal walks, which really helps with ideas and inspiration for new cards and drawings - you will see these influences throughout my work. I really enjoy coming to craft fairs and markets as I get to meet so many wonderful people!

I have been making cards for many years, but I took up (yet another) hobby of photography. It seemed a shame to just have these beautful pictures all to myself, and so I swapped how I made cards from collage to photographic greetings cards. What i really love about these are that each one is a unique moment in time, a moment that can sometimes be fleeting and I try and capture that not just in photography but also ink. All of my work is original and I design my cards so that they can be kept as pieces of art in their own right - this just means that I dont add messages on the front or on the inside. However, if you would like a specific greeting or message, I am more than happy to add that for you. I think what is important is that these are your pieces and I want anyone who recieves one of these, to feel as much joy from them as there was in making them.

Although, I mainly draw in black archival ink, I sometimes use watercolour backgrounds to enhance what I am trying to capture and to bring joy through colour. My main approach to drawing is a simple paired down one. These pieces vary in size, from bookmarks, small squares up to A4. Each piece is drawn on watercolour textured 140lb/300gsm paper using archival ink to ensure its quality for years to come. These can be framed and mounted or unframed.

I am always happy to discuss any ideas you might have for bespoke pieces - that can be either drawings or cards, just drop me a line.

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