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AK47 Beads and Boxes

All of our goods are handmade or assembled by ourselves.

I make hand made costume jewellery, rosary necklaces and bracelets, decade bracelets. Soft furnishing items such as cushions, curtains and bedding. Wooden items such as boxes, dolls houses, small tables, picture frames, spice racks, egg racks, ornamental signs, door plaques, oddities like pet coffins, jewellery boxes, MDF shapes, oversized knitting needles, garden furniture such as small plant wheelbarrows, flower boxes. Small table top fire pits. Light fittings, table and ceiling. Cots for childrens dolls, wall storage units, Bowls, Pictures, Pens and pencils. I also update old unwanted furniture, ie, sideboards, umbrella stands, shoe racks and many more items.
Personalised items to order.
I can make all the above items to order and can accommodate any style or fashion that you would like.

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AK47 Beads and Boxes

Romford, Essex