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Tranquillity Mobiles

I create a unique range of traditional decorative mobiles.

Tranquillity Mobiles are a range of unique decorative mobiles. They come in a variety of different materials and designs and no two are exactly the same, but they all have one thing in common - they are all individually hung and balanced so that the ornaments appear to float around each other with no obvious means of support. In order to achieve this I use fine wire and invisible thread. The construction and balancing of each one is a painstaking process, but the result is a hanging decoration which moves in the slightest air current. The slow, gentle movement creates an air of peace and, of course, tranquillity!

I use many different materials to make the ornaments. One of my favourites is salt dough. This gives a rough surface and has a good weight. I mostly use it to make flowers. Foam sheet is versatile and colourful. Because it can be built up in layers I often use it to make birds and other creatures. I was asked once for stained glass, but the risk of injury made it unwise. The problem was solved by using acrylic sheet and glass paint. The effect is that of stained glass, but without the risks. Acrylic mobiles look really good hung in a window. I use Christmas baubles and other ornaments for Christmas mobiles. I can often design a bespoke mobile using suitable ornaments provided by the customer. Special events can be enhanced by a mobile. I can create one for a wedding, birthday, Valentines and Mothers day or even one to remember a loved one. Some can be personalised with a name or other inscription and make unusual gifts.

I do make mobiles for children, but most of my mobiles are aimed at home décor. They are great for enlivening an otherwise uninspiring corner, or adding movement and interest to an area. Mobiles are great stimulus for children - we all know that - but they are also great for adults in stressful environments or who are housebound. They are wonderful distractions in waiting rooms (doctors, dentists), for those in care homes, or stressful office environments. Rather like having the benefits of a fish tank without having to look after it! Mini mobiles make unusual executive toys.

Please contact me with any queries. Id love to hear from you.

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Tranquillity Mobiles

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