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Lucy Laidlaw

Lucy ran an arts and crafts shop for five years before giving it up to concentrate full-time on creating her best-selling items, her range of handmade fairies.

Lucy, the proprietor of Scottish Fairies, lives and works in Scotland producing a range of beautifully hand-crafted, individual fairy mobiles. There are almost fifty fairy characters in the range including the beloved Scottish, English, Irish and Welsh Fairies, Flittery Fairies with wands in a diverse range of colours, Flower Fairies, mischievous fairies - and fairies with crystals including the Midwinter Fairy (with crystal snowflakes), the Sweetheart Fairy (with a crystal heart), the Sweet Dreams Fairy (with a crystal star) and the Rainbows Fairy with crystal raindrops - to name just a few. There are even fairies with fairy babies!

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Lucy Laidlaw

Gullane, East Lothian