Calla Workshop - Jewellery

Calla Workshop

Bespoke jewellery and limited collections made by two jewellery students.

Calla Workshop is run by two jewellery students, Henry Le Page and CÚline Munisso. We are completing our second year of university this year and aim to open our own shop in the future.

We exclusively handcraft all of our products, primarily using sterling silver. We work on our jewellery whenever we have time outside university projects, operating either from the university workshop or our small home workshop.
We mainly make one-of-a-kind pieces, but we also make a variety of pieces in limited numbers and on request. We do not wish to be a commercial jewellery business but rather focus on bespoke and unique pieces.

Our products and services include:
- Bespoke pieces
- Limited run collections
- One-of-a-kind pieces

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