Jewel of Kashmir - Clothing

Jewel of Kashmir

We hold a collection of Kashmirs finest shawls, scarves, chainstich rugs and jewellery.

The authentic Kashmiri shawls and scarves have etched an indelible influence in the world of women’s fashion for centuries. Kashmiri shawls are highly prized for their fine wool, skilled weaving, embroidery and soft texture which is as a result of delicate handwork and hours of craft which goes into the preparation of the products. Our speciality shawls could take 6-12 months to manufacture. These shawls are made from pashmina wool (cashmere), taken from the under hair of pashmina goats living on high-altitude plains of Ladakh, Nepal and Tibet, they are then separated according to the colour and spun into yarn and woven on a loom. The history of Kashmir shawls goes back to 1st century AD and it is since then that the region has been an epicentre of specialist craft in the form of hand embroidery and hand weave. The knowledge and expertise offered by the Kashmiri craftsmen is impeccable and represents a unique charm which is portrayed in the speciality products.

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Jewel of Kashmir

Cheddington, Buckinghamshire